FAM – an original hip-hop drama

FAM is an original hip-hop drama written and performed by Stanza Divan and Lady Sanity exploring notions of black British identity, urban music and racial injustice.

Produced by Sputnik Theatre Company in collaboration with Professor Rajinder Dudrah, Slanguages Lead (Birmingham City University) & Creative Multilingualism (University of Oxford).

FAM was released to the public on 10  November 2022 – five years since Form 696 was scrapped by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. Apparently, Form 696 continues to be used in other parts of the UK.

Written & performed by Lady Sanity & Stanza Divan
Directed by Noah Birksted-Breen & Fraser West
Director of Photography – Nick Lee Shield
Music by Lady Sanity and Stanza Divan
Mixed & mastered by Adam Lewis
Sound by Fraser West
Edit by wetheconspirators
Captions by Megan Thackray-Howard

Venus – Lady Sanity
Mars – Stanza Divan
Grandmother – Natasha Magigi
Father – Michael Muyunda
Sound engineer – Wayne Nelson
Policeman – Andy Burns
Policeman – Ross Marvin
Antoine – Francis Terry
DJ – Deano Presto
Grandad voicemail – Naji Wavey
Taxi driver – Aiden Ramkissoon
Friend voicemail – Corey Trevor
Manager’s voicemail – Lewis Fernandez

Special thanks to:

Edward Andrews, whose donation was invaluable for the making of this production.

Our gratitude to those who have nurtured this project from the outset with academic expertise and/or support: Professor Rajinder Dudrah, Professor Katrin Kohl, Professor Julie Curtis, Professor Philip Bullock, Daniel Tyler-Mctighe, Bhee Bellew, Katy Terry, Punch Records and the Birmingham Rep Theatre.

Thank you also to Matt and Kat at Firebug in Leicester for permitting the film makers use of their venue.

Archive footage:

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